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- Goose Pond -


Goose Pond 


Goose Pond is a bit of the local's secret swimming spot, with it's location in the middle of Chatham's forested center and the official access to the pond off Queen Anne Road (directions below) being difficult to spot. There are many unofficial access ponds all around the pond on Sam Ryder Road, particularly, where a car can be parked and a short hike will bring you to any number of small swimming areas. But enough of secrets....

This 38-acre natural kettlehole pond has a sandy bottom with an average depth of 24 feet and a maximum depth of 52 feet. Transparency is exceptional, extending to 23 feet, and aquatic vegetation is scant.  The shoreline is wooded and sparsely developed with a hiking trail that rings that perimeter of the pond. 

Goose Pond is also one of Chatham's 5 or so freshwater fishing spots.  Get your license at Chatham Town Hall at 549 Main St.(508-945-5101).

Fishing Details:

Freshwater catches in a 1988 survery recorded banded killifish, golden shiners, yellow perch, brown bullhead, mummichogs, and brown trout but apparently Goose Pond is stocked annually in the spring and fall with brook, brown and rainbow trout.  Occasional trout are reported, and the sunken island or “hump” out in front of the access sight is said to be agood spot to start fishing, as
trout tend to hang on this structure during the spring and early summer. Shoreline anglers can
target the trough between the shore and the hump. There should be at least a few smallmouth
bass available, but they are apparently quite scarce or they would have showed up in the last


To get to this pond from Route 6, take exit 11 and go south on Route 137. Take a left onto
Queen Anne Road and head east for four-tenths (0.4) of a mile. The access is a dirt road on the
right and you'll see the conservation sign on your left as you enter. This public right-of-way is suitable only for launching car top boats and canoes.


Electric motors only, no outboard motors are allowed.


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